Way of Water

Healing Modality: Aquatic Bodywork

Services: Aquatic Bodywork, Movement, and Immersion Retreats

Aquatic bodywork, Watsu, and WaterDance, are healing therapy techniques done in a warm water pool. Experience profound relaxation and body freedom with a series of above surface floating and tissue mobilization techniques. If you feel comfortable, you can also try the underwater moves, which transport your being back to the embryonic womb-like state . I also offer Aquatic and Land Movement Therapy that focuses on fluid movement, injury rehabilitation and fluid exercise in the pool and on land. Finally, I offer nature-based Immersion retreats that combine breath work, cold-water immersion and forest bathing. All my work is Trauma Informed and effective for treating PTSD symptoms, anxiety, and addiction issues.




18473 Highway 550

Ridgway, CO 81432