About Us

The Healing Collective of Western Colorado provides education on alternative healing and wellness options to the local community through expos, classes, demonstrations, and speaking events. We also provide continued education on alternative healing modalities and business ownership to local healers and wellness providers. We all believe deeply in the collective healing of our community and know that for true healing to happen we must do it together. We know that healing is never a one-size fits all endeavor. Every individual will need to pick their own healing journey pieced together with a wide array of support. We are here to introduce them to as many healing options as possible so that they can build the path that’s right for them.

We started in 2021 when Erin Easton hosted the Whole Being Health and Wellness Expo in Montrose, CO. The response from the community was so positive that it sparked the inspiration to continue the expos and expand even further. Many of the healers continued to meet regularly to support one another in their businesses and personal healing journeys. It became clear that there was a need for collaborative growth and learning, so we responded by forming this collective dedicated to helping healers reach their full potential and educating the community on all of their healing options.

If you are  inspired to help our community heal, you can participate in the Healing Collective in many different ways. You can become a sponsor to help us financially provide our classes, workshops, and expos. If you have a business related skill or profession, you could offer business support to our healers. If you are a healer yourself, you can come to our collective meetings and share your wisdom and insights with the group. You can also be a vendor at our annual expo or  teach one of our classes.

Board Members

Erin Easton: Erin is the founder of the healing collective and the board president. She is the owner of New Leaf Mindfulness Coaching and hopes that all healing modalities can grow and thrive on the Western Slope.

Will Ludgate: Will is the treasurer for the non-profit. He has worked in construction management and likes to keep an organized budget that serves everyone.

Sandy Easton: Sandy is the secretary. She has been a part of many non-profits and loves doing work that serves others. She’s excited to see alternative healers growing on the Western Slope.