What is a Mini Expo?

Our mini expos bring our practitioners together to address one health concern of the community in a panel discussion format. Each practitioner will explain their perspective on the topic and the approach they would take to addressing it followed by a question and answer segment. Attendees will learn a variety of perspectives and treatment options for the one health concern. There will always be one conventional medical provider present on the panel. The goal is to help you build a team of practitioners to help address your health concerns in a holistic manner. The expos are free for the public to attend and will last 2 hours. You do not have to signup to attend, just show up for the event. We host our mini expos quarterly.

What's Included?

A panel discussion where each practitioner will get 15min to share their perspective on and approach to the health topic.

A question and answer segment where the audience can ask the practitioners specific questions about the health topic.

A post panel meet and greet during which the audience will get an opportunity to meet the panel participants along with other practitioners present.

A handout that includes a write up from each of our active collective members explaining their perspective on the health topic and how they would approach it,

Mini Expo Schedule


OCT 15th, 3-5pm

Healing Modalities Represented: Mindfulness, Medical Massage, Acupuncture, Guided Imagery

Panel Members: Erin Easton of New Leaf Mindfulness Coaching, Brianna Lafferty of Bri0nic, Deborah Barber LMT, James Damman of Acubalance

Location: Montrose Flex Rec, 1309 Mayfly Dr


TBD in January '24

Healing Modalities Represented: Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture,

Panel Members: Sara Schifino of Kala Transpersonal Coaching, Dulce Bell-Bulley of , James Damman of Acubalance, 


TBD in April '24


TBD in July '24

Become a Panel Member

Only active members of the healing collective can be on the panel. We do this because we are creating a culture of collaboration in which all panel members are dedicated to learning about one another, working together, and cross referring clients to create a truly holistic healing experience. If you are an active member click on the signup sheet to see available panel slots. If you are not an active member and would like to become one, click on the become a member link.